September/October Hot Lunch

September/October Hot Lunch

Winfield Elementary School Parent Council

 Hot-Lunch Program September/October 2018


Dear parents,

Getting back into school routines can be rough, but the one routine that we look forward to and should make life not so rough is hot lunch Wednesdays. For those who are new to this routine, most Wednesdays, hot lunches are prepared for the kids for a reasonable rate. The monies raised through the hot lunch program pay for the water and water coolers throughout the school and the free lunches and breakfast offered by the Winfield School Fundraising Committee. As always, we welcome any available help. See the reverse for ways you can help.

Key items for everyone to remember: 1 - Each order form needs to have NAME and QUANTITIES filled out. This ensures we know who has ordered and how much they want. This includes free lunches too. It is ok to order more than one item from the free lunches, but if no quantities are indicated we will presume no hot lunch is wanted on that day. 2 - If a hot lunch is ordered but on that day your child is away, we give out hot lunch certificates for that amount which can then be used for future hot lunches. They are transferable and do not expire. 3 - Subway forms need to be filled out separately. These forms are given to Subway and are attached to the subs that are delivered to the classrooms. 4 - The deadline for hot lunch orders is important but we understand things happen, so if you are unable to get the order and/or payment in on time, contact us, our contact numbers are at the end of this letter. Otherwise late orders will NOT be accepted. 5 - Payment can be cash or cheque and combined in one payment per family. Please make note of this on the form so we know which children are included in the payment and which child’s form includes the payment. As well we ask for exact payment to make it easier for the teachers who collect the forms.    

We are now taking orders for September/October hot lunches. Fill out the necessary forms and send them back to school with payment by Monday, September 24, 2018. Please fill out one form per child. You may combine payments on one cheque for all siblings made payable to Winfield School Fundraising Committee. (Please note: don’t combine your milk money with hot-lunch money.)

Remember, that late orders will not be accepted. Pre-orders make it easier on the volunteers that buy and prep the hot-lunches. You can always call or text Marla at 403-704-5645 or Carolyn at 780-234-4300 if you are unable to send your order in by the deadline.

If you are interested in hosting a hot-lunch or helping with a hot-lunch give us a call/text or send a note with your kids. The middle of the month is when the menu for the next hot lunch is put together.  If you have any questions about this form, or have any ideas that you want to see on the menu please text us, we are happy to hear from you.

Marla Wheale & Carolyn Schwindt

Hot-Lunch Coordinators

Order Form

Subway Order Form

Hi y’all, Marla here.  I want to get the word out about the Winfield School Hot Lunch Program.  We prepare a hot lunch every Wednesday at a reasonable cost.  It raises funds for the Winfield School Fundraising Committee, who in turn uses it for the students and various activities within the school.  I am the Hot Lunch Co-Coordinator, with Carolyn Schwindt, and we are always looking for help.  We love this program and would love it to continue but can’t do it alone.  This is where you come in.  Below I have various ways that you can help.  Not everyone can come in and cook on the Wednesday’s but these are the different ways to pitch in:

  • Prepping & Baking – do you like to bake, chop veggies, etc? Often there are cookies or muffins or other such things that get done before hand.  This is a great way to help.
  • Pick up & Delivery– can you pick up and deliver the Subway order? On Subway Wednesday’s the subs are prepped and ready for you by 10:30am at the Rimbey Subway.  The subs are in boxes divided by class rooms and these boxes then need to be taken to their room.  Or sometimes there are orders at the Rimbey Co-op or Pendryl Pizza needing pick-up and delivery.
  • Kitchen Aide – can you be there on Wednesday’s but do not want to plan a meal? The host for that Wednesday will organize it all and you get to help prepare and serve. This is a great way to get involved, see the kids, and get a chance to get out of the house for some adult conversation. Plus it gives good experience if you are thinking of being a hot lunch host.
  • Hot Lunch Host – do you like to plan meals and cook for larger groups? Are there hot lunches your children would love but have yet to be made, here is your chance.  We have a binder of previous hot lunches with quantities and other details if you need ideas to start with.  The middle of the month is when the menu for the next order is put together.  If you want to be included let us know and we will get you in the schedule.   

If any or all of these work for you, check them off and fill out the contact info.  Send it back in your child’s agenda and we will get in contact with you.


Marla Wheale & Carolyn Schwindt



Preferred contact number or email ______________________________________________