May/June Hot Lunch

Winfield Elementary School Parent Council

 Hot-Lunch Program May/June 2018



Dear parents,

It is that time again, to look ahead to the next bunch of hot lunch orders. This is also the last set of hot lunch orders for the year. Yes, we are that close to the end of yet another school year. What a great year this has been so far; with so many great options offered up to our kids.

On this order form you will see there is a donated hot lunch, you must fill in quantities, or your child will not receive hot lunch on this day. We are unable to estimate our supplies if we don’t have accurate quantities. You will also see on this order a Pendryl Pizza hot lunch; you have a choice of which kind of pizza. Please circle your choices so we know how much of each we need to order. If no choice is made, we will decide for you.

We are taking orders for May/June hot lunches. Fill out the necessary forms and send them back to school with payment by Monday, April 16th, 2018. Please fill out one form per child. You may combine payments on one cheque for all siblings made payable to Winfield School Fundraising Committee. (Please note: don’t combine your milk money with hot-lunch money.)

Remember, that late orders will not be accepted. Pre-orders are necessary so that the volunteers can purchase their supplies and prep the hot-lunches. You can always call or text Marla at 403-704-5645 or Carolyn at 780-234-4300 if you have any concerns.

This is the final set of hot lunches we are offering up for this year, and we certainly think that this has been another success of a year with our program. We wouldn’t be able to offer such a fantastic program for our small school, without a great group of parent volunteers. If you are interested in hosting a hot-lunch next year, or coming in as a helper to the host, give us a call/text or send a note with your kids. If you have any questions about this form, or have any ideas that you want to see on the menu next year please text us, we are happy to hear from you.


Marla Wheale & Carolyn Schwindt

Hot-Lunch Coordinators

Order Form

Subway Order Form